trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman-photos-images-race-baiting-obama-photo-media-bias-sad-hill-newsThe acquittal of George Zimmerman Saturday night, as expected, brought to the fore the racial tensions that have been simmering in this nation since our founding. Not surprising, most conservatives came down on the side of supporting the verdict.  Most liberals and progressives championed the injustice of the decision.  And through it all racial relations have become worse as a result of the ruling, not better.

One can argue whether Zimmerman is the antagonist or the victim, ditto for Trayvon.  But it does not hide the fact that we have now seen several incidents of black on white crime where the black protagonists allegedly said something to the effect of, “This is for Trayvon.”  Riots have erupted in Oakland, Detroit and other cities.  In Oakland, police had to use tear gas to disperse an angry crowd.  Then we get to the utterly abhorrent tweets of what can only be called “Fucking morons” in the worlds of Hollywood and Sports.

Kirstie Alley tweeted “White people used to make black people drink from separate drinking fountains, now we just shoot their children.  A number of other celebrities echoed that sentiment that white people hate black people.  Some used racial expletives aimed against whites.  In the sports world Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver said the jury should go home and “Kill themselves.”  Nevermind all six of the jury had kids.  Ted Cruz of the New York Giants said he wondered how long it would be before the hood met up with Zimmerman?

Now, I am a fan of taking away twitter from morons with lots of money.  Maybe their agents should talk to them about it.  But all the above illustrates just how bad race relations are in this country.  Race-baiters such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and yes, even our esteemed President, have had a field day with the case.   Instead of talking about the need for Americans to come together and have a real dialogue on race the President and his Head of the DOJ simply call the event a tragedy.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are less vague in their comments and would make you think the KKK runs the legal system.

Racial relations in this country have always been tense.  Government action during the Civil Rights period was supposed to solve this problem.  However, all it did was stick white voters in certain areas of certain states and blacks in others.  In other words, their policy priorities became increasingly divergent on even the smallest issue.

Hollywood has also fed social stereotypes.  It is interesting to see most of Hollywood lamenting the fact that a “White Hispanic” acted on the stereotypes of black youth they have helped create.  Remember any gang movies lately where it is cool to have sex with multiple women and dress like a thug?  How about spitting out music that uses the n-word like it is a vowel?  Of course Hollywood would argue they are the only ones who bring attention to the plight of the African-American male.  Oh, if only it were true.

Lastly, we come to the media and the political establishment.  This duo is made up of dozens of elected officials and TV hosts who convicted Zimmerman the moment the tragedy transpired.  They coined the term “White Hispanic” and did their best to dehumanize Zimmerman.  Nevermind, on July 4th over 60 black kids were shot by other black kids.  Twenty of them died.  But the only people you hear talking about this is actually conservatives.

Whether policy based, electoral, or social racial relations in this country have gotten worse and worse or at best stayed the same.  He political and social rhetoric from race-baiters, the political establishment and Hollywood/media does not help.   If things are to change we need to have a real dialogue and admit that black on black crime kills the greatest number of Trayvons.  We certainly can admit our legal system is to harsh on young, black kids and Hispanics.  It is also fair to analyze and debate the culture of guns in this country.  Unfortunately, this is a real conversation we will not have.  I wonder if we ever will?

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