I will be straight up on this.  I believe that life begins at conception.  I cannot imagine myself ever encouraging somebody to get an abortion except in the case of the mother’s life being threatened.  But I am practical.  I also know that women will get abortions because they do not want the child or they will find monsters like Kermit Gosnell.  The party I usually support, the GOP, is undergoing soul-searching on the issue and whether to de-emphasize social issues such as abortion.  Fortunately, if the party does, science and modern technology will carry on their cause.

Roe vs. Wade in 1973 established one of the most bitter and controversial issues in America.  The social right grew out of the ruling and the modern abortion rights left came out to challenge the social right.  Today, partial-birth abortion is legal at six months.  This is radical by even most developed nation standards.  France, Germany, Norway and Italy all make abortion illegal at three months.  The clinics that perform abortions are covered by rules and regulations.  Only a health of the mother exception, getting multiple doctor referrals and sometimes going before a medical board allow this rule to be sidestepped.

In the US the opposite exists.  Despite modern science showing that babies are alive, can feel pain and actually can be born and kept alive under six months the partial birth abortion ban stands at six months.  The groups that stand behind defending a women’s right to choose are the equivalent of the social right or the NRA in terms of loyal supporters and money.  Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, Moveon.org, National Organization for Women are just a few of the organizations that command the entire allegiance of a party, billions of dollars and millions of voters.

In the last two years these groups have squared off against Republicans and pro-life groups in at least a dozen states. In North Dakota three new pro-life laws were passed.  One of them is facing a court challenge by the Center for Reproductive Rights.  Arkansas recently passed a law making abortion illegal at three months instead of six.  In Texas, legislators de-funded Planned Parenthood and Arizona soon followed suit.  While some of these actions are obviously unconstitutional others are not, yet abortion advocates cry as much as much as the NRA does about any encroachment on the 2nd Amendment.

Consider North Dakota being sued by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRA).  The law North Dakota is being used over does not ban abortions but actually seeks to protect the lives of women seeking abortions.  Put simply, the law requires that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at local hospitals at least thirty miles away.  The law is designed to ensure that the Gosnell’s of the world cannot perform these operations. Instead, trained doctors would.  But talk to abortion rights supporters and this is an encroachment on the right to choose.  In fact, any regulation on their right to choose is an infringement.  Even if it is for safety.

Of course the issue of abortion is not quite that simple.  There will always be a grey area on the issue where many Americans fall.  But that has yet to stop abortion advocates from every coming down to Earth.  It is noticeable that while the social right has yet to tone down its language the left has.  The Left was deathly silent on Gosnell, and when they did say something it was the equivalent of calling him a lone wolf.  At the DNC in 2012 and when President Obama addressed Planned Parenthood in April 2013 the word “abortion” was noticeably absent.  Instead, words like “choice” and  “reproductive rights” were the order of the day.  Perhaps this is in response to the public’s revulsion of what Gosnell did or the fact that recent surveys, such as that from Gallup, have found a majority of Americans identify as pro-life.  Whatever the reason it has not dampened the abortion rights supporters from fighting any new rule on abortion.

It is sad to the left doing exactly what the right is doing but somehow thinking they are better.  More and more Americans are seeing a middle ground on the issue and while terminology and words can change, apparently actions cannot.  Until the left recognizes that that do what the right does on many issues they will forever be hypocrites   Some regulations and laws on abortion go to far, others are rational and fair.  But abortion rights advocates refuse to see this.  In time it is my belief that the partial birth abortion ban will be lowered to five months due to science and medicine. Further, new laws and rules and abortion procedures and operators will be ruled Constitutional or passed in state legislatures.  The Left can deny it all they want but the politics of abortion is changing.



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